Back Roads Update/Two Excellent Photos


Just wanted to hop on board the ol’ WordPress machine with a quick update! While the idea of blogging regularly again is still a distant dream (even more so now that I’m back in school for the millionth time, in another all-consuming, all-devouring master’s program), I AM still writing. I have a readable, half-decent-if-I-do-say-so-myself draft of my second BACK ROADS novel. One more polish and then it’s going out to beta readers – any takers?

Thing about it is, it’s long. It’s twice the length of the first book, and takes big strides into real multi-character, long-form, epic saga territory. But for me, what that means is that every round of revision takes twice as long. EXCUSES, EXCUSES, I know.

But I’m close.

In the meantime, I finally put out a paperback version of BACK ROADS KINGDOM, which is for sale now on Amazon!



I went with the matte cover over glossy. I regret nothing. Soooo classy.

Sorry you can see a tiny bit of my hairy leg. That is less classy.

Definitely intentional that you can see tiny bit of the book to the left. CLUES!

Doing the Amazon match thing, too, which means that if you buy the paperback, you get the e-book for free.

More updates to come!

I do miss bloggery. I especially miss the inserting of the photos. So I will leave you with this exceptional photo of the cast of my 1999 production of Jekyll and Hyde.


Everyone knew just what they were doing back then.

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