BACK ROADS KINGDOM is now on sale!

Yes, ladies and gents, the raison d’etre for this blog, my one and only debut novel, BACK ROADS KINGDOM, is now officially for purchase across the entire width and breadth of the inter webs! I’ll be writing so very much about this in future posts, but for now, let’s check out the official description…


Penny Lazarus has spent her entire life wishing she could escape from the real world. Through it all, she had exactly one friend – her twin sister, Dana – and now Dana’s dead, drowned in the distant Pacific under mysterious circumstances. But she left something behind, meant only for her sister’s eyes: a cryptic document that sends Penny off to the wilds of Appalachia…and then straight off I-64 and into a madcap alternate America.

Here, in the hidden world known as the Back Roads, every individual’s deepest desire emerges as a powerful supernatural ability called a Manifest. In Penny’s case, that means she’s a Veil, capable of turning herself invisible, intangible, ghost-like. Stranger yet, this is a place Dana somehow knew about. Now Penny must fight her way across a nightmare landscape of cyborg bikers, man-eating mosquitoes, snake-handling zealots and warring Cherokee demigods in search of the truth. She’s got help, too, for whatever it’s worth: a fierce mountain-woman werewolf and a guitar-slinging thief who slowly but surely ensnares Penny’s heart, entirely against her better instincts.

What she hoped to find were the answers behind her sister’s death. But what awaits her at the end of the road is something even bigger – the dark secret of her own world-shattering destiny.

BACK ROADS KINGDOM is the first volume in a thrilling new American fantasy saga that weaves together Appalachian folktales, urban legends and paranormal lore into a dark and hilariously twisted coalpunk epic.

For just $2.99 (cheaper than a cup of coffee), you can get my labor of e-love from AMAZON (Kindle), BARNES AND NOBLE (Nook), APPLE IBOOKS, KOBO, SCRIBD, OYSTER, BLIO, SMASHWORDS, FLIPKART and PAGE FOUNDRY (which I think has something to do with GOOGLE PLAY)! Just visit the Official Site for links to every retailer!

Guys, this is a really exciting moment for me, and, let’s be honest, for books.

In all seriousness, please take a look (free samples are available from every retailer). This is just the beginning of a great journey, and I’d love to have you take it with me.

And hey, if you enjoy this first volume, don’t forget to leave a review at your favorite retailer! Just please don’t mention cats in the review, because we don’t do that here.

See you in the Hedges…

cat drying himself

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